WeekEnder: July 23-29

Actor Mel Gibson was arrested early Froday morning under suspicion on driving under the influence in California. reports he was not a happy camper. The arresting officer's report claims that Gibson unleashed an angry tirade on him. "You motherfucker! I'm goingto fuck you," Gibson allegedly yelled. He also allegedly told the officer that he "owns Malibu" and will spend all his money to get even. The report also claims that Gibson yelled several anti-Semetic statements inlcuding, "Fucking Jews...The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." He then apparently asked the officer if he was Jewish. When they arrived at the station he then allegedly noticed a female cop and said, "What do you think you're looking at, sugar tits?"
- Jay Leno to co-host EBERT & ROEPER while Roger Ebert recovers from cancer surgery. He'll guest host on the August 5-6 episode. The show will tape in Los Angeles next week to accomodate Leno's busy schedule.
Ashlee Simpson - " Invisible"
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Fox 5 New York Prank

WNYW morning show anchor Jodi Applegate thought she was doing a serious segment on bike theft yesterday. Two guests were demonstrating how easy it is to cut through a bicycle chain when they played a practical joke on the unsuspecting host. One of them pretended to cut the other with the saw. The "victim" fell on the ground, flinching and screaming. Applegate was not amused. "We were trying to do a serious thing here," she yelled. "I don't appreciate that on our show. On our air!" She went on to tell viewers that it was ketchup before quickly cutting to a break.

See it for yourself on You Tube:


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No Longer 'N The Closet

'N Sync's Lance Bass tells People magazine that he's gay. "I knew that I was in this popular band and I had four other guys' careers in my hand, and I knew that if I ever acted on it or even said (that I was gay), it would overpower everything," Bass said. The 27-year-old says he was afraid his secret would break up the band, so he just kept quiet all those years. The first bandmate he told was Joey Fatone and then he shocked his family with the news. Bass says he's involved in a relationship with 32-year-old AMAZING RACE winner, Reichen Lehmkuhl. He's says he's coming out now because the rumors were spinning out of control. "The main reason I wanted to speak my mind was that (the rumors) really were starting to affect my daily life. Now it feels like it's on my terms. I'm at peace with my family, my friends, myself and God so there's really nothing else that I worry about."

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New FOX Morning Show

FOX is looking to compete with the big three networks by launching a new morning show. FOX has not tried a morning show since 1996, when they aired the short-lived "FOX After Breakfast" which morphed into "The Vicki Lawrence Show."
(AP) Trying to take advantage of instability in
morning television, Fox announced on Tuesday that it will launch an
hour-long morning news program in January.
Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy, currently daytime anchors on Fox
News Channel, will be the hosts of the program. It will air at 9
a.m. in most markets and lean toward light, entertainment-driven
news unless there is a major story. Fox News Channel reporters will
be used for story coverage.
The program, which doesn't have a name yet, will follow four
hours of local news programming on many Fox stations. Fox hopes
that provides a compatible lead-in, said Dennis Swanson, president
of operations for the Fox television stations.
The departures of Katie Couric from NBC's "Today" show and
Charles Gibson from "Good Morning America" on ABC could also mean
that viewers may be looking for something new in the morning, he
"That's an opportunity," he said.
Fox stations, many of which began airing a new syndicated
program with Geraldo Rivera as host last year, are moving toward
more news and information programming, he said. The syndication
market for old sitcoms, traditionally a source of daytime material,
is drying up to the point that no new sitcoms are being offered to
air in 2008, he said.
The new Fox program will compete against the third hour of
"Today" in many markets, and against "Live with Regis and
Kelly." The new show will be modeled to a certain extent after Fox
News Channel's popular "Fox & Friends" morning program.
The 25 Fox-owned stations, covering about 44 percent of the U.S.
market, have committed to airing the new program. The network will
try in coming months to persuade other Fox affiliates to show it.


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WeekEnder: July 9-15

Amidst all the other summertime trash television, emerges two addicting shows that are worth checking out. First, there's Vh1's World Series of Pop Culture. This fast-paced game show puts teams of three up against each other in a spelling bee style quiz. Movies. Television. Music. There are a categories for everyone. After weeks of competition, the winning team will go home with $250,000. It airs everynight at 10 PM/EST on Vh1. After testing your trivia skills, switch over to the Game Show network where you'll find an entertaining remake of the classic I've Got A Secret. If you haven't seen the show, a panel of four judges has to guess a guest's secret. The TV-14 rating proves that this new edition of the show is geared more toward adults. So far, I've seen a woman painting a picture with her breasts and a woman who makes jewelry out of human bones. There have also been some celebrity guests such as Jerry Springer, Ben Stein and Tom Bergeron. By the way, Ben Stein's secret: he stuffed his dog after it died. And, yes, he brought it on the show for everyone to see. The show is hosted by up and coming comedian Bill Dwyer and airs weeknights at 11:30 PM/EST on the Game Show Network.
- After nearly 15 years, Pee Wee Herman is back television! Classic episodes of Pee Wee's Playhouse can now be seen at 11PM/EST on the Cartoon Network. If you've missed the King of Cartoons, Penny, and Pee Wee's Secret words, then relive all things Pee Wee every night.
Jesus H. Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse -- "Connecticut's for Fucking"
"We know that's terrible music and we always try to think about what we can do next." -- Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin on his band's first album, "Parachutes."


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No More Bling

Mr. T. is ditching his signature bling. After seeing the destruction from Hurricane Katrina firsthand, the former TV star shed his piles of gold chains. "As a spiritual man, I felt it would be a sin against my God for me to wear all that gold again because I spent a lot of time with the less fortunate," the 54-year-old actor said. "I saw some, I call it `sorry celebrities.' They'll go down there and hook up with the people to take a photo-op. I said, `How disgusting.' If you're not going to go down there with a check and a hammer and a nail to help the people, don't go down there." By the way, the T. is coming back to television this fall. He'll star in TV Land's "I Pity the Fool," where he'll give advice to people who are struggling with life's problems.


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Keeping It Real

Mugshot courtesy:
Paula Ann Meronek, the anorexic psycho from this season of The Real World, has been arrested in Connecticut. The 25-year-old allegedly bit her boyfriend several times during a domestic dispute. "I think it was an argument that led to one thing then another," said Cromwell Police Chief Anthony Salvatore. "He attempted to keep her from the house. It got physical and we were contacted." Paula has been arraigned on a misdemneanor assault charge. She could face a year in prison. Her boyfriend has been charged with disorderly conduct. While it is good to see Paula eating, someone should tell her to sink her teeth in to something other than her boyfriend. By the way, how great is that mugshot?!


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WeekEnder: July 2-8

Famed tenor Luciano Pavarotti is recovering from pancreatic cancer surgery. The cancer is often considered a death sentence, but his manager says he is recovering well. The 70-year-old has canceled the rest of his 2006 concerts.
File this under "outrageous lawsuits." An Oregon man is suing basketball superstar Michael Jordan and Nike for 832-million dollars. The reason? He says he's tired of being harassed because he looks like Jordan. Allen Heckard is suing for permanent injury, defamation and emotional pain and suffering. Seems like Heckard should be fined for wasting court time.
- CHAPPELLE'S SHOW returns on Sunday for the comedian's three last shows taped before he left the show. RENO 911 also returns for a full season.
- DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and LOST were snubbed from this year's Emmy Awards. HBO beat out all the networks for the most nominations with 95. Conan O'Brien hosts the show on NBC August 27.

Outkast "The Mighty O"
"It was difficult, you know. I know he wanted to be there." - Sheryl Crow on ex-fiance Lance Armstrong when she found out she had breast cancer


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Woody Harrelson On The Attack

Everyone may know his name, but actor Woody Harrelson is making it clear, he does not want to be bothered by the paparazzi. claims one of their photogs was choked by Harrelson last Thursday night. They have the video to prove it. Harrelson tells the cameraman to leave him alone. When he doesn't, the CHEERS star moves in. The Website claims Harrelson also broke the paparazzo's camera. The LAPD has launched a criminal investigation.


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WeekEnder: June 25- July 1

Happy Fourth of July!
The Daily Edition is highly recommending The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep plays hard-nosed fashion mogul, Miranda Priestly, who takes on the fashion-challenged Andy (Anne Hathaway) as her personal assistant. Andy is a recent college graduation who moved to New York to become a journalist. She has no clue about the fashion industry and always made fun of models. Miranda has a reputation as a devil in the business, but takes on Andy because she's different than her past assistants. Miranda's overly demanding and often nasty attitude has pushed many out the door. But Andy decides to rise to the challenge, shocking everyone at the office who thought she could never make it in such a tough business. While the movie seems to target women, it is a great underdog story that both sexes can enjoy, especially if you've ever had a boss from hell.
This is as sick as it gets. An Oklahoma judge is facing four years in prison after he was convicted of exposing himself and using a sex gadget while he presided over trials. Veteran judge Donald Thompson was accused of using a penis pump on himself during four serious trials in 2002 and 2003. His former court reporter testified that she saw him use the pump at least 15 times. She even testified that she heard the pump's "sh-sh" sound during the trial of a murdered toddler. Thompson claims the gadget was simply a gag gift that he never used. Right.
- Doesn't Regis Philbin seem like an odd choice to host AMERICA'S GOT TALENT? Sure he's beloved and has name recognition, but this show aims at a much younger audience. With drag queen and stripper contestants, old Reege just seems out of place. It's just strange seeing him on a show that isn't wholesome. Perhaps the paycheck was just too big to refuse.
"Nothing Left to Lose" - Matt Kearney


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MTV, Mondays 10pm/ET

Based on a popular documentary film, this weekly series follows people who are in online relationships. They meet their longtime loves with the help of the show, but things aren't always what they seem.

If you listen to the Howard Stern show, the you already know that Jon Hein is the biggest fan of fast food around. Join Jon as he checks out the best places to chow down for cheap on this new show on the new network, Destination America. If you're not craving something greasing after watch this show, then something is wrong with you.

Syndicated, Weekdays/ET
Trisha Goddard hosted talk shows overseas for years. Now, she's the star of her own show, a spin-off of Maury, here in the states. Topics have included a man with 5 wives and women who eat strange objects like drywall and dirt.


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The Trisha Goodard Show and The Steve Harvey Show have both been renewed for second seasons. Renewal is not looking promising for Jeff Probst and Ricki Lake.

The Bill Cunningham Show has been renewed for a third season.

Howard Stern has signed on for a second season of America's Got Talent.

Kate Middleton is pregnant with her first child.

Anderson Cooper's talk show, "Anderson Live," has been cancelled due to low ratings. New shows will air thru summer 2013.

Arsenio Hall will return to the world of syndicated late night tv talk in 2013.

HBO has renewed "Veep" and "Girls" for second seasons.



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