Everybody's favorite comic from the Howard Stern Show has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence. Back on July 10, Artie Lange was charged after getting into a minor car crash in New Jersey. This morning, he pled guilty and his driving privileges were taken away for seven months.

The scary thing is that he wasn't under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. He was on sleeping pills, prescribed to him by his doctor. Quite scary because more and more people need these pills just to get through the day.


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Legendary New York City anchor Ernie Anastos made a big on-air oops last night. It started off innocently enough. He was chit-chatting with the weatherman about the forecast. He joked, "It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast, Nick." Then, he dropped an f-bomb, to the horror of his co-anchor. Look at her face!


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President Obama is going to do "The Late Show with David Letterman." Mr. Obama will appear next Monday, September 21st. This will be the first time a sitting president has appeared on "The Late Show." Earlier this year, the prez guested on "The Tonight Show." Let the late night ratings wars continue!


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Lara Spencer's got some company for the new season of "The Insider." Season six has a rountable format, which features Spencer, Samantha Harris, new correspondent Chris Jacobs and a different celebrity guest panelist each day. The four of them debate all of the day's entertainment stories in a new format that just doesn't work. Just report. No one wants an analysis from these people. Wondering how Lara feels about this silly attempt at ratings? No way will this panel format last.

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Actor Patrick Swayze died yesterday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was just 57 years old.

Swayze was best known for his roles in "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost." Today, his "Ghost" co-star, Whoppi Goldberg, remembered him on "The View." She said she got the role in the movie because of him and won an Emmy because of him. Barbara Walters got the last interview with Swayze back in January. It will be rebroadcast on ABC tonight.

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The Jay Leno Show premiered in primetime on NBC last night and luck was on his side. Kanye West had just stealer the spotlight from Taylor Swift at the VMA's the night before. Everyone was upset with him. It was all that anyone was talking about and Leno had him booked on his first show. Kanye was just supposed to perform with Rihanna and Jay-Z, but he sat down with Leno for a quick interview. It was good stuff!

Kanye looked visably upset from the start. He couldn't look Leno in the eye and apologized to Taylor for being "rude." Of course, Kanye is still mourning the loss of his mother. Jay went there - asking Kanye how his mother would feel about what he did. Kanye got emotional. There was a long pause before he admitted that she would have not been pleased. Great stuff.

The show itself isn't much different than "The Tonight Show." Nice new set. Same band. Similar format. No desk. Great to see "headlines" again.

The premiere scored huge ratings nationally, but it will be interesting to see how the show does in a few weeks. Stay tuned...

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Oprah began the new season of her show yesterday with an exclusive interview with Whitney Houston. The singer was very candid about her past. She admitted that she and Bobby Brown used to use cocaine. They would usually lace marijuana with it and smoke it. She also said that Brown was jealous of her and even told her to move out of her own house. Whitney said Bobby even went as far as spitting on her.

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The MTV Video Music Awards were broadcast live tonight from Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The show began with a surprise appearance from Madonna. Dressed in all black, she was one of the many who paid tribute to Michael Jackson. She called Jackson a "hero" who could make people believe that they could fly. A little much? It continued further downhill from there, as the material girl rambled on and on and on and on about the time she spent with him. She then she felt like we abandoned him when he died. She ended her seven-minute speech saying, "long live the king." When she finally finished, things got good. Big dance tribute to Jacko, which involved his sister, Janet. Really well done. The audience couldn't get enough of it.

Katy Perry and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry then took to the stage for a rendition of "We Will Rock You," that ushered in host Russell Brand.

The most talked about moment came just 25 minutes into the show. Taylor Swift won the moonman for best female video. As the teen made her acceptance speech, Kanye West stormed the stage and said Beyonce should have won. He's nuts!! Very rude and disrespectful. Taylor looked horrified. Beyonce looked shocked. What's worse, they cut her mic so she couldn't finish talking. It's being reported that Taylor Swift ran backstage and burst into tears in her mother's arms after the incident. Kanye's just a jerk. Trying doing that to Diddy and see how it goes.

Lady Gaga is out of her mind. She dresses like she doesn't own a mirror. Her performance of "Paparazzi" was way over the top. It ended with her covered in fake blood looking like she hanged herself. That's great for the young audience. Later on, Gaga was spotted wearing a huge bird's nest around her head and tight red lace covering her face. Just bizarre. The award for worst dressed goes to...

The big award - video of the year - went to Beyonce for "Single Ladies." After Beyonce thanked everyone for the award, she showed the world just how classy she is. She invited Taylor Swift back on stage to re-do her speech.

"I remember being 17 years old up for my first MTV award with Destiny's Child, and it was the most exciting moment in my life. So I'd like for Taylor to come out and have her moment," Beyonce said.

A very moving moment to cap of a wild and unpredictable night.

Best Female Video - Taylor Swift, "You Belong With Me"
Best Male Video - TI, "Live Your Life"
Best Rock Video - Green Day, "21 Guns"
Best Pop Video - Britney Spears, "Womanizer"
Best Hip Hop Video - Eminem, "We Made You"
Best New Artist - Lady Gaga
Breakthrough Video - Matt & Kim, "Lessons Learned"
Best Video (that should have won a moonman) - Beastie Boys, "Sabotage"
Video of the year - Beyonce, "SIngle Ladies"

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Thoughts on the MTV VMA's pre-show...

* What the hell is Lady Gaga wearing? Also, why was she paired with Kermit the Frog?
* What is Buzz Alrin doing there? Not the right demo.
* Can any of MTV's talent read a TelePrompTer?
* There is no need to re-make "Fame."

* Jermaine Jackson is a media whore.

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Tomorrow is the day. The new season for most syndicated daytime shows is starting. There will be changes for many of your favorite shows. Here's what you can expect:

The Maury Show - The veteran talker (along with the other NBC Universal talk shows) has moved from New York City to Stamford, CT. The reason: there are big tax breaks in the Constitution State. Look for the same tabloid topics this season. Changes include a spruced up set and graphics.

Jerry Springer - Yes, this show is still on the air. It's also moving to Stamford, CT after taping in Chicago for almost 20 years. Quite a change for the staff. Based on promos, the audience area of the set looks a bit different this season. Same trashy topics.

Steve Wilkos - You guessed it, Steve Wilkos is now also in Connecticut. Season three launches with a brand new set. Looks pretty nice based on the promos.

Oprah Winfrey - Oprah had a soft launch for her new season last Thursday. She had a big block party featuring music acts like the Black Eyed Peas. Season 24 of her show begins with a much-hyped interview with Whitney Houston. During the two-day sit-down, the embattled singer opens up about her drug use. On Wednesday, Oprah will play re-air blockbuster 1980's interview with Michael Jackson. She had to get permission from his mother to do so. On Thursday, Dr. Phil will return to the show for the first time since he started his own talk show. What a week.

Dr. Phil - The show is "taking it to the streets" for its seventh season. The premiere will be live from New York City, along with Tuesday's show. The show will be live in Philly the rest of the week.

- The new season starts tomorrow with a brand new set. Can't wait. The last one looked like it was meant for a European edition of the show.

Tyra - New season began last Tuesday. She revealed her real hair to her all-female audience. Season five also features a new set, graphics and theme. The show has also moved from syndication to the CW. Repeats are on at 3PM, with new shows at 4PM.

Family Feud - New season started last Tuesday. Ratings for the classic game show are on the decline. So, to keep it fresh, families will now compete for more money and the chance to win a car. The show has also revived its "bullseye" round.

Deal or No Deal - New season started last Tuesday. The show moved from California to Connecticut for season two. That must be a joy for the staff. Howie Mandel is still the host of this game show that you can now only catch in daytime. NBC canned the nighttime version.

Judge Mathis, Judge Alex, The People's Court - No major changes for any of these daytime veterans. Same sets. Yawn. Same graphics. People's Court does have a new open that's a through back to the Judge Wapner days.


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A doctor leaves his powerhouse pal behind. A popular prime time game show goes daytime. A new season of syndicated shows is about to begin. There are several new shows joining the already crowded daytime scene. Will they be picked up for a second season? Here's an early analysis.

Dr. Oz - He's the doctor in from the Oprah show. You know, the guy who's always wearing his scrubs and pulling organs out of coolers. His new hour-long health/talk show premieres tomorrow on all of the Fox O&O's. His show promises to make your health its number one priority. Dr. Oz says he won't rely on Oprah for his own ratings. We'll see about that. Dr. Oz is the freshman series with the best shot. He's already a household name. He has Oprah's backing. He also has competition from shows like The Doctors. It will be interesting to see if both shows can survive the season.

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? - The popular Fox show is leaving the network for syndication. Starting September 21st, it will be on five says a week. Jeff Foxworthy will remain on as host. Daytime TV is already crowded with game shows like powerhouses like Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, Millionaire and the declining Family Feud. Will Fifth Grader be able to stick out in the crowd? It's already proved itself popular at night, so it just needs to find a daytime audience.

Street Court - A few short seasons ago, court shows were all the rage. They got good ratings and were rarely canceled. All that has changed. Daytime became stifled by small claims courts and cookie cutter judges. Last season five shows - Judge David Young, Judge Karen, Cristina's Court, Family Court and Judge Hatchett - were all cancelled. The court show genre is cooling down, but one new show is hoping to shake things up with a format change. Street Court featuring Judge Michael Mazzariello, promises to "deliver daily justice from the scene of the dispute." No stuffy courtrooms here. This judge is going out into the field. Chances of this show making it are slim. It's going to be buried in a sea of other court shows on weaker CW and MyNetworkTV affiliates.

Judge Pirro - Judge Pirro is not new to daytime, but she is new to syndication. The show spent season one on the CW. Last Monday, Judge Pirro entered the challenging world of syndication. Initial ratings were so-so. The show grabbed a 1.1 national rating for its Monday premiere, but slipped to a 0.8 by Wednesday. Judge Jeanine Pirro works for the same reason that Judge Marilyn Milian works on The People's Court. She's got a strong personality and lots of experience to back it up with. Let's hope that more people give this show a chance.

Wendy Williams - The "queen of all media" has left her syndicated radio show to take on the crowded world of daytime tv. Last summer, her show performed well in a six-week test run in several major markets, so it's being launched nationally. Already, ratings aren't so great. She's hovering around a 0.9. One analyst called the show a "one market wonder" because it's doing great in New York City, but floundering every where else. This show is entertaining, like watch a chain-reaction car crash. Wendy will tell you herself that she's a hot mess. She doesn't seem like she's all that comfortable in front of the camera, which has made her fodder for the E! show, The Soup. Based on ratings, like Street Court, the Wendy Williams Show will likely be one and done.


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It's live. It's unpredictable. The always-hyped MTV Video Music Awards are invading the airwaves tonight.

Comedian Russell Brand is back for the second year in a row. If you don't like his cheeky brand of humor, some of the performers should hold your interest. The biggest names in the game - Beyonce, Jay-Z, Green Day, Pink - are set to rock the house. This will be the first VMA's since Michael Jackson's death. The show will begin with a tribute to the gloved one featuring his sister, Janet. Look for artists to be giving him shoutouts all night long.

All the drama is going down at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. There's a preshow that starts at 8PM/ET. The moon men will be handed out from 9 to 11PM, with a rebroadcast at 11:30PM.

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The mystery is over. Paula's out. Ellen's in.

Ellen Degeneres will be the new fourth judge on American Idol. The talk show host and comedian made the announcement in a video on her shows Website. Paula Abdul was with the show for eight seasons, since it's start. Over the summer, she announced her departure. Rumor has it, she wanted $10 million a year. She couldn't get it, so she left.

You can catch Ellen on 'Idol' this January, when the show returns for its ninth season. She will continue hosting her talk show in California.

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Singer Chris Brown sat down for an exclusive interview with Larry King tonight. It's the first time he was interviewed since he pleaded guilty to beating his girlfriend, Rihanna. Brown has been ordered to stay away from her. He says that's "kind of hard," since they've known each other for so long and are in the same industry. Brown says he still loves Rihanna. He's still in love with her.

King showed the picture of a beaten Rhianna. Brown said he fely "disappointed" in himself when he saw it. His mother, who appeared on the show by his side, broke down in tears after the picture was shown. Brown just looked down. Soon after, King asked Brown to talk about what happened that night. He refused to talk about the beating, claiming he owed it to Rihanna to stay quiet. King then asked if drinking was involved that night. He refused to answer.

No huge bombshells here, since he wouldn't talk about the specifics. Too bad he wouldn't agree to a live interview. Must be nice to be able to edit things out.

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ABC News anchor Charles Gibson has announced his retirement. Diane Sawyer will become the next anchor of "World News" beginning in January.

"This has been my professional home for almost 35 years. And I love this news department, and all who work in it, to the depths of my soul," Gibson said in a staff email.

Charlie Gibson has been the anchor of the program since 2006. He took over shortly after Peter Jennings died of lung cancer and then the injury of co-anchor Bob Woodruff in an explosion in Iraq.

"There is no one like Charlie Gibson and it is an enormous honor to be asked to join the terrific broadcast he and the great team of journalists have built at 'World News,'" Diane Sawyer said today.

Come January, two of the three network newscasts will be anchored by women. No word on who will replace Sawyer on GMA.


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MTV, Mondays 10pm/ET

Based on a popular documentary film, this weekly series follows people who are in online relationships. They meet their longtime loves with the help of the show, but things aren't always what they seem.

If you listen to the Howard Stern show, the you already know that Jon Hein is the biggest fan of fast food around. Join Jon as he checks out the best places to chow down for cheap on this new show on the new network, Destination America. If you're not craving something greasing after watch this show, then something is wrong with you.

Syndicated, Weekdays/ET
Trisha Goddard hosted talk shows overseas for years. Now, she's the star of her own show, a spin-off of Maury, here in the states. Topics have included a man with 5 wives and women who eat strange objects like drywall and dirt.


The Daily Edition blog brings you the stories you'll be talking about at the water cooler. Follow The Daily Edition on Twitter: @JCers.

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The Trisha Goodard Show and The Steve Harvey Show have both been renewed for second seasons. Renewal is not looking promising for Jeff Probst and Ricki Lake.

The Bill Cunningham Show has been renewed for a third season.

Howard Stern has signed on for a second season of America's Got Talent.

Kate Middleton is pregnant with her first child.

Anderson Cooper's talk show, "Anderson Live," has been cancelled due to low ratings. New shows will air thru summer 2013.

Arsenio Hall will return to the world of syndicated late night tv talk in 2013.

HBO has renewed "Veep" and "Girls" for second seasons.



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